film/video installation, color, 2.46:1, stereo, BE, 2017, 4'21"

Teaser for Odyssey, a film and video installation by Jeroen Cluckers and Joël Schuurmans

Life as a reflection, a dream. On a long voyage, a man's memories become his beacon. Odyssey is a cinematic meditation on the fleeting journey of existence, and a study on the poetic qualities of film grain.

Camera: Jeroen Cluckers & Joël Schuurmans
Editing & postproduction: Jeroen Cluckers

Soundtrack contains sounds & music from the freesound.org database, by users Benboncan, Caro Animations, Cobratronik, Erh, Harris85, Pcaeldries & Sorengo

Contains fragments from video 'Sauble Beach Vacation 1988 (VHS)', uploaded on Youtube by user Biarritz69

Filmed on various locations in Alaska, Belgium, Canada, France, Norway & The Netherlands

• screenings

2017: Onderweg, CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg (BE)